Fast Radio Bursts

Fast radio bursts (FRB) are mysterious phenomena whose nature is still not known. Now we know about one hundred events that are listed in the FRB Catalog.


BSA LPI Radio Telescope

The Big Scanning Antenna of the Lebedev Physical Institute (BSA LPI) is dedicated for research in radio astronomy at the meter wavelength range. This is a radio telescope of meridian type. The central frequency of the instrument is 111 MHz and receiving bandwidth is 2.5 MHz.


The Project

Now frequency of 111 MHz is the lowest frequency at which fast radio bursts are detected. The idea of finding FRBs in the meter wavelength range using the BSA LPI radio telescope originated several years ago. The first results were obtained already in 2018 and in August of the same year in the "Astronomical Telegrams" a message were published about the detection of the first three events at frequency of 111 MHz. An article dedicated to these events was published in January 2019. 
Currently, work is actively ongoing. 




Rodin Alexander

(Leading Researcher)


Fedorova Viktoriya

(Junior Researcher)


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